Lincoln Block

Three Inch Foam Insulated Structural Wall
May 9, 2018

Lincoln Block’s latest product is our three inch modular wood building block. Just like our original six inch house block, the three inch block utilizes a hollow wall system combined with spline pieces, DAP Touch ‘n Foam polyurethane spray insulation, high strength industrial adhesive, stainless steel finish nails, and a modular stackable design.

Our application of spray foam inside the three inch hollow wall block provides incredible strength and insulation values. After the foaming is completed, the entire wall section behaves as one solid piece, rather than many stacked pieces of wood. This is due to the foam combined with the spline which bonds with the wood and essentially locks it into place in all directions.

Lincoln Block can now more easily facilitate sheds, small footprint homes, passive living situations, affordable housing, and virtually any desired small structure design. Building with wood blocks is the answer to affordable housing. No other product on the market offers the strength, longevity, energy efficiency, and easy of use provided by the original Lincoln Block.

The Lincoln Block Blog
May 9, 2018