Lincoln Block

Surplus grade lumber is overflowing at the sawmill.

The answer is combining existing industry with modern technology.

Boards are cut & graded, with the best face oriented outward.

Blocks are made using an assembly machine, glue, and stainless steel finishing nails.

Two to ten foot blocks are manufactured and ready to use.
The end result is a staggeringly reduced total energy cost needed to produce home building materials.​

Rejected framing boards captured & re-purposed.

We use wood originally destined to become pallets or chips. These common board sizes are economy grade lumber cast aside at the saw mill.

From forest to home, lumber is the most sustainable source of material on earth.

Every modern sawmill is already equipped with the machinery required to create Lincoln Block’s core components.

It looks like tongue and groove, but the spline steals the show.

Lincoln Block achieves it's strength in the application of spline pieces around doors, windows, and interconnecting each block.

DAP Touch N' Foam Polyurethane Spray Insulation

New technological advancements in structural spray foam give Lincoln Block a unique and unrivaled position in the building industry.

Every course of block is glued,
forming a perfect vapor barrier.

Substantial thermal mass insulated and strengthened by foam guarantees energy savings and longevity.

Lincoln Block’s projects have consistently proven to decrease labor costs by 50% or more in comparison to other construction methods.​

The interior and exterior walls are framed as you stack.

• No siding
• No drywall
• Simply paint / seal.

The first course is bolted to the foundation.

Spray foam expands inside the wall and bonds to the wood.

Compatible with any construction component like roof trusses, foundations, plywood, appliances, and solar.

The thermal mass properties of wood ensure your home will naturally sustain the environment of your choosing longer with drastic energy savings.

Lincoln Block is a truly green product that allows you to build a high value structure using renewable resources, without incurring massive debt.

Lincoln Block's base pricing by the linear foot is dependent on the current market price of lumber. Contact us today for updated pricing!