Lincoln Block

Modular Buildings

Lincoln Block is uniquely suited
for nearly any building project.

The Original Tiny House

The first tiny house created with Lincoln Block holds special status among our projects. With this small home we proved that Lincoln Block is the answer to affordable housing.

Horse Barns

These one of a kind matching structures offer a beautiful, long lasting alternative to traditional barns. You can easily offer your beloved animals an extremely comfortable and affordable domicile.

Micro Travel Trailer

Utilizing our 3" Micro Block, we created a 4x8 aerodynamic daily driver road worthy wood trailer. Without Lincoln Block, this simply wouldn't be feasible.

Home Addition

Our customer wanted to build an addition for their full size travel trailer! You can add the exact amount of space you desire to any existing structure at half the cost of typical construction.

Lemonade Stand

A testament to how versatile Lincoln block can be. We made this strong, gorgeous table in truly just a few minutes with minimal labor.