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You can help us solve the affordable
housing crisis with BLOCK.​

We built our tiny house on a trailer with this amazing material! #tinyhouse

Thank you Lincoln Block!​
– Brittanie Jo

Sustainable lumber, cutting edge technology, high thermal mass, and a simplified building method.

Lincoln Block is the answer to green, energy efficient, affordable, and long lasting small footprint structures.

6″ Wall Block

3.125″ Hollow Wall Cavity

Hollow wall construction, and spray foam.

Stay warmer during winter and cooler during summer thanks to DAP Touch ‘N Foam spray insulation.

You are only limited by your imagination.

Build your future with block.

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Lincoln Block combines economy lumber, common hardware, and modern sealants.

  • Easy to assemble using commonly available tools
  • Unparalleled strength and longevity
  • Off-the-charts thermal mass
  • Each piece is finished as you stack
  • Completely sealed and weather proof

Our patented wood block design can be adapted for any building scenario.

Protected by one or more of U.S. Patents including US 9,732,519 B1 and US 10,233,634 B1. Lincoln Block is the trademark of Lincoln Block Inc. 

Welcome to Lincoln Block

   Our company is on the verge of bringing a new and unique system for building residential structures to market. One that is not only affordable, high quality, and able to be built by anyone, but one that is truly green as well. It is going to revolutionize the building industry, and people are already lining up to get a piece of it.

  Lincoln Block’s mission is to bring back the days where the possibility of home ownership was a reality to all. When you could build your own home, have something of quality that would last, and not have to incur massive debt in doing so.

Block Construction Basics

Anyone can learn to build with Lincoln Block

   Laterally oriented lumber forms a high strength spline-and-foam insulated panel. Individual blocks are cut to size based on project needs. The first course bolts to the foundation, extra spline is added around doors and windows, and the building is finished as you stack.

Lincoln Block is not only the siding and interior wall of a structure, it is also the framing itself all within one product.

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Wood Inside & Out

Frame up a beautiful home with ease.

Surround yourself with premium materials that will last a lifetime and beyond. 

Lincoln Block limits your exposure to chemical off-gassing by eliminating the need for processed wood products typically used in state of the art construction.

Lincoln Block allows you to build with the efficiency and appeal of a log home without specialized labor.

Log homes are traditionally one of the most sustainable and green types of housing. They require less manufacturing and offer better thermal mass & energy savings.


At Lincoln Block, we capture economy grade lumber originally classified as waste products, wood chips, or pallet stock directly from the saw mill.

You can finally build your home.

A Lincoln Block structure can be built quickly, easily, and by anyone regardless of their experience just by following simple instructions.

Homes & Cabins

Design and build the home of your dreams, a cabin on the water, or any type of facility.

Micro Homes

Tiny Home design can be anything from a full-time living arrangement to a shop or work space.

Sheds & Shacks

The strongest and most cost effective sheds in the world.

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